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Self Regulation

Counselling in The Scottish Borders and Edinburgh - face to face or via Skype

Self regulation is a term coined to describe our ability to maintain homoeostasis or balance as we respond to life. To feel at one with ourselves and live in equanimity with all life's ups and downs . All organisms from a single cell to a human being take in and expel out what is not wanted or needed in order to maintain life and health. When we are distressed we have quite literally taken in what can not be processed, contained or handled in that moment.

We learn how to self regulate in infancy through our relationship with our care takers. As that process develops we learn strategies for self regulation and sometimes unfortunately a person grows up with less ability to sooth or cope with distress and also sometimes in life circumstances become overwhelming and we need help to self regulate . The counselling process offers a relationship where an awareness of these patterns can come to light and ways to understand, experience and gain insight into what helps can be looked at safely.

The therapeutic relationship can enable you to resource self-regulation. Perhaps you will learn new or extra ways to self regulate using self-reflection skills and mindfulness or more proactive tools to challenge negative thinking or meditative tools - and you will be accompanied without agenda, when that process is not easy or even possible.

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