Self Regulation

Counselling in The Scottish Borders and Edinburgh - face to face or via Skype Self regulation is a term coined to describe our ability to maintain homoeostasis or balance as we respond to life. To feel at one with ourselves and live in equanimity with all life's ups and downs . All organisms from a single cell to a human being take in and expel out what is not wanted or needed in order to maintain life and health. When we are distressed we have quite literally taken in what can not be processed, contained or handled in that moment. We learn how to self regulate in infancy through our relationship with our care takers. As that process develops we learn strategies for self regulation and some

WHEN YOU CAN'T JUST 'SNAP OUT OF IT' - counselling and depression

Counselling is a very effective way to deal with depression. It offers the opportunity to make sense of your life experience - the social or life events which have a bearing on your ability to feel a range of emotions, the ordinary ups and downs of life with both its joys and unhappiness The label has been medicalised in recent years but it covers a huge range of experience -depression is not just a monoglot state -it can include misery, sadness, numbness, lethargy, stuckness, unhappiness, hopelessness, helplessness, despair, isolation, anger, guilt, shame worthlessness - all this and more may be woven into an experience of depression. During depression it is common to feel unable either to

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