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Mandy made me feel safe at a time when the world felt a very unsafe place for me. I was bereaved, battered, broken, and incredibly lost.

 From the first moment I met Mandy I found her to be kind, patient and very supportive. She listened, she encouraged, she guided and for the first time, in a very long time, I felt valued. She has a unique ability to make you smile on the inside and accept yourself just the way you are. Over time, my confidence grew, my appreciation of myself grew and I began to feel very differently about everything. Now I genuinely feel great and I am so happy, laughing at the world and myself. I could not recommended her highly enough - she is skilled, intelligent and a gentle soul.

FJHEA 2015

Lecturer/ Teaching Fellow/ Senior Fellow of NursingIt was not at all easy for me as a 58 year old man to seek advice over the traumatic physical and emotional abuse I experienced as a child over 40 years ago.


Throughout my counselling sessions with Mandy I felt able to tell my story, a story that I had locked away for all these years. Mandy listened to all that I had to say and I was able to start the healing process, a process that will continue for many months on my own. Being able to speak honestly and openly and to benefit from Mandy's supportive listening and advice has been profoundly helpful and empowering and I can now reflect on, and understand, the effects of my traumatic childhood on me and on those close to me now. I believe I am now able move forward into the future in a confident and positive way.

CEO 2017


Counselling with Mandy gave me back my life. My life had spiraled out of control due to unresolved issues that had accumulated and had resurfaced with the death of my beloved Father. I had help to understand what was going on in my brain and was shown some powerful tools including TRE to help deal with the stresses.

Along with her patience and empathy I found it easy to open up and talk through some childhook parenting issues.

At 52 years of age 'therapy' was not easy to associate myself with. I thought that I could heal myself . This was not true and by the time I found Mandy I was in a real mess. A mess that could have been sorted out so much sooner. If you are reading this give yourself the chance to understand and heal . Give Mandy an email

DC 2016

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