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Contact me by phone, text or email

Mobile 07790666247/Land Line 01896 831311

I will try to get back to you, normally within 24 hours, to speak with you briefly about your main concerns and arrange a convenient time for a first appointment - usually this can take place within a week to ten days

When you arrive for your appointment please come no more than 5 minutes early as confidentiality is respected throughout the process, and your appointments are planned so you do not meet any one else on the premises







Initial Appointment

Your first appointment will give you a chance to talk about your concerns, and focus on what you are looking for from counselling.

There is no expectation that you tell the ‘whole story’ at this point, only what you feel comfortable with. This first meeting is intended to help you to decide whether there is a good fit between us, and if you feel counselling is the right way forward for you.


Counselling Agreement

This is a mutually agreed understanding, which, from the start of our sessions, helps us to define the work we do, and the way it is done. This may change over the course of counselling as new insights develop. 

Our agreement includes confidentiality, cancellations or sudden endings, fees, and decisions about how many sessions might suit your needs.


Planning Sessions

Sessions usually last an hour, and can be weekly or fortnightly, depending on what suits you.

They are usually planned at a regular time, place, and day - with flexibility if needed due to other commitments.

A useful course of sessions for short term counselling is a six week block. This is a very focused way of working, and can be particularly useful during life crisis points.

Medium term counselling sessions will help you consolidate the benefits and explore more fully.

Longer Term work is useful for deeper reparitave work and ongoing exploration




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