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Top Down or Bottom Up Therapy !

Therapy at it's best is holistic and engages both sides of your brain - transformation truly happens when change happens from the inside out usually this kind of change is experienced as an ah ha! moment and is felt through the whole body mind - engaging body, feelings and thinking Top down change which are the product of sheer will power don't generally speaking last e.g ''I will go to the gym''' type thinking and thats because this is imposed from the neo cortex or thinking ego part of our mind by passing the more emotional and survival driven

parts of our neurology

When you feel safe with your therapist and layers of guarding begin to soften often this is accessed through what Eugen Gendlin called the 'felt sense ' you begin to notice body sensations - and it may make you (for a moment) feel more vulnerable but its when you get to explore at this level that real change can begin

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