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TRE is a simple self-help method - and a profoundly effective form of stress management designed to release tension at the deepest levels of the body from the core muscles where tension accumulates out of everyday awareness

It can provide a wonderful way to engage with your own healing process without multiple visits for individual therapy – although it combines well with any therapy

You can book to join an introductory class whether for yourself and friends or for your work organisation and you can also book an individual session which is highly recommended if you have a trauma history or indeed if you simply prefer a 1 to 1 session

These classes will introduce you to a new way of handling stress you can Come along to learn TRE & free yourself from stress, tension and general discomfort NATURALLY

Look to the animal kingdom and we see that all mammals use tremoring as a way to release tension and metabolise stress .

At the introductory class we introduce the processes behind stress and the body. Then you will have the opportunity to experience the exercises yourself. Open to everybody: whether you have stress, physical symptoms of stress or you work with stressed clients as a professional – or are just curious.

TRE was developed by Dr David Berceli whilst he was working with Mother Theresa in war torn countries throughout the world and was developed to tap into the innate ability we have as human beings to recover from trauma

TRE is a simple, organic process that encourages you to leave your story at the door and simply let the body unwind using our natural mechanisms for stress release. It invites us to let go of tension leaving the body and mind relaxed, rebalanced and rejuvenated.





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