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How long before I'm done ?

The answer of course is that each individual is unique - it is up to you the client to decide . I offer both long and short term counselling .

Short term would be 6 or 12 weeks and longer term - up to and over a year.

It's a decision we talk about in the first appointment . Much

will depend on the seriousness of the concerns you bring, but whether it's long or short term counselling the facts are friendly about the kind of positive benefits you can expect- click on the following link to view research findings

A useful way to work is to start with a 6 week block and then review the contract as we go along - there is never any pressure to continue and you can stop whenever you choose

Counselling is a process by which you examine your thoughts, feelings, actions and relationships, evaluate where problems exist, and explore how you wish to make whatever changes are necessary to achieve better life satisfaction - ultimately you are exploring your relationship with yourself and this is a life task that of course continues beyond the counselling sessions

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