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WALK AND TALK - Therapy in nature 
Extending the boundaries of the therapy session beyond the counselling room is an option people may wish to consider
If you have a love of the outdoors, a sense of nature's healing energy, or recognise the benefits of a brisk walk to your mental and physical well-being then we can arrange a walk and talk session on planned routes tailored to your fitness level in the beauty of nature. Protecting your confidentiality in public spaces is important and we can plan for this together. I work in an intuitive way as we come into contact with the environment and landscape we are moving through, using all the senses with mindful awareness - pacing the walk together and pausing when needed - perhaps focusing on a particular feature we encounter such as a tree or stream, in silence or speaking, the natural environment provides a rich resource from which to create and discover fresh meanings

This is suitable for anyone and especially preferred when there are accessibility issues or by those who are uncomfortable with talking face to face with someone about their problems or who wish to cut out the time spent traveling to appointments
Readily accessible on zoom. I simply send a link to zoom which is easy to down load onto your computer. Appointments are scheduled in the normal way and this style of therapy can increase scheduling flexibility. Along with the benefits of being in the comfort of your own home It is still important to ensure there are no disruptions from normal domestic life e.g pets, partners, children, mobile phones or deliveries
Traditional face to face counselling relies on both verbal and nonverbal cues as a form of communication and as a way of gaining insight into thoughts, feelings and behaviours - these cues may be dampened slightly. I have undertaken BACP training in online counselling and am practiced at tuning into clients online
Occasionally computers fail and internet connections to falter, those who are in remote areas may have less than perfect transmission that drops out regularly or there is always the possibility of servers crashing and network connections faltering. The ability to benefit from online therapy is therefore supported by a plan we make to deal with disruptions to the session which includes rescheduling if necessary and/or continuing on a phone line

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