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WHEN YOU CAN'T JUST 'SNAP OUT OF IT' - counselling and depression

Counselling is a very effective way to deal with depression. It offers the opportunity to make sense of your life experience - the social or life events which have a bearing on your ability to feel a range of emotions, the ordinary ups and downs of life with both its joys and unhappiness

The label has been medicalised in recent years but it covers a huge range of experience -depression is not just a monoglot state -it can include misery, sadness, numbness, lethargy, stuckness, unhappiness, hopelessness, helplessness, despair, isolation, anger, guilt, shame worthlessness - all this and more may be woven into an experience of depression.

During depression it is common to feel unable either to cope with normal life or to ask for help. Often people experience shame at not being able to meet their own or other people's expectations of them

It may be impossible to imagine ever feeling any different and hard to remember better times but with the help of counselling you can move forward

Research tells us that counselling is a vey effective approach to treating depression, and on a par with other forms of approaches and treatments. The facts are friendly - up to date details can be found on the British association of Counselling and Psychotherapy web site here -

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